Visual beauty and inspiration in books.
With their roots in graphic design
the founders of MENDO were always
searching for it, but satisfying their
needs wasn’t easy. So they built
themselves MENDO.

MENDO is a candy store for book aficionados with an award-winning website ( and a flagship store situated in one of Amsterdam’s most inspirational neighbourhoods, called The 9 Streets (De 9 Straatjes). The store is fully dedicated to sharing the love for beautiful books. From the hundreds and thousands of books that are being published every year, people rely on MENDO to select the finest and most relevant ones. MENDO curates on very specific topics: photography, fashion, travel, lifestyle, culinary books, interior and graphic design. Moreover, MENDO also creates jaw-dropping books with visually stunning creative content. For the design of the Amsterdam flagship store MENDO teamed up with Concrete Architectural Associates. Concrete came up with a simple, but brilliant idea: a bookstore made from books. The walls are made not of bricks, but of thousands of black MENDO books. The intimacy of the scenery, combined with the stunning publications by some of the best publishers in the world, has made MENDO one of the most unique and inspiring stores in the Netherlands.

Berenstraat 11
1016 GG Amsterdam
The Netherlands


(…) Beleuchtet Interior-Trends in europäischen Metropolen und gewährt Einblick in urbane Wohnoasen (…)

Exklusive Wohnungen und maßgeschneiderte Einrichtungskonzepte. Die Serie Living in Style Beleuchtet Interior-Trends in europäischen Metropolen und gewährt Einblick in urbane Wohnoasen – in London, Amsterdam und Paris.

– Immo Kurier, Österreich

Wenn Sie in Amsterdam sind, gehen Sie im 9-Strassen-Vierteil in den Buchladen Mendo. Er ist der Concept Store für Bücherliebhaber, das Hauptaugenmerk des Angebotes liegt auf Interior Design. In Zusammenarbeit mit dem teNeues Verlag entstand das Buch, das vor allem die Experimentierfreudigkeit und die Unbekümmertheit widerspiegelt, mit denen in Amsterdam Räume gestylt werden.

– SWISS Magazine, Schweiz

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